Joining is easy! Follow these short steps and you'll be part of the ODU ASCE student chapter in no time:

1. Join asce national

Go to the official ASCE website, The National registration process is quick, easy, and free. Once you have registered, send your ASCE National ID number to our secretary, Macayla Gillis, at

2. join on orgsync

Go to our Monarch Link page and click the "JOIN" icon. Our chapter officers will be notified of your request and, provided you have sent in your ID number, accept you into the student chapter. This will add you to our weekly mailing list for updates on meeting times and locations.

3. Pay your dues

We have to pay for the pizza somehow! After you've joined up, please pay the dues of $10/semester to our treasurer, Jack Kidd, at any general body meeting. Please note that freshmen do not have to pay dues.